Frequently Asked Questions
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How Do I Report a Hazard?

If you:

Smell or see smoke?
Smell gas?
See Flames?
See a potentially dangerous situation in a downed power line?
Suspect any hazardous situations?

Call 911 immediately to be connected to COMM Fire’s Dispatch!

Where and when can I dispose of hazardous waste?

View the dates and locations for Hazardous Waste Collection

How Do I Create A File Of Life For Myself?

The File of Life enables emergency personnel to obtain a quick medical history when a patient is unable to give one. It is a miniature medical history that is kept in a red plastic sleeve with a magnetic strip. Once filled out, place it on the outside of the refrigerator.

It details a person’s name, emergency medical contacts and insurance policy information. It also notes current health problems, medications and dosages. It lists allergies, recent surgeries, your doctor’s name and phone number, your health care proxy information and your religious affiliation.

You may receive a FREE File of Life by visiting our Centerville Station at 1875 Falmouth Rd.

How Do I know how to prepare for a resale inspection?

  1. A house is held to the smoke/carbon monoxide detector regulations that were in place WHEN THE HOUSE WAS BUILT.  Using the Town of Barnstable records for the “Year Built” find the appropriate page in the regulations.*  Inspectors are available to answer questions via phone Monday – Friday, 0800-0930 hrs.
  2. Please refer to current COVID letter on home page of website for instructions to schedule a smoke inspection currently.  You will be asked to complete and mail in a small amount of paperwork and pay the fee of $25 (cash or check only) to secure an appointment.
  3. Our phone # is 508-790-2375  Ext. 1.  Please call with any questions.
  4. Download the Smoke Alarm/Carbon Monoxide Compliance Checklist

*If you have added to the house or done a major renovation that required a building permit, the house will be held to the standard of the date of renovation.  If you are unsure which date applies to your house please call our Department.

How Do I Have My Blood Pressure Checked?

All of our Firefighters are qualified to perform blood pressure checks.

Centerville Station – every day – 7 am – 8 pm
Osterville and Marstons Mills stations – every day – 7 am – 8 pm, if personnel are in quarters and not out on a call.

All checks are free.

How Do I Take a Tour of the Fire Station?

COMM Fire Department welcomes visits from our citizens and school groups.  Folks looking to see the equipment and talk to a Firefighter may stop by and, if available, we would be happy to show you around (please call ahead if possible).  School groups should call ahead to Administration to plan a tour (508-790-2375  Ext. 1).

How Do I Get a Job With COMM Fire?

Firefighting is a very fulfilling career with many rewards. Like many careers, becoming a firefighter begins with a foundation in education.  All firefighters must possess a high school diploma and be 18 years or older.  All candidates must have passed the PAT test and Fire I/II from an accredited fire academy.  The hiring process is very competitive so these minimums should be considered a starting point. Firefighter candidates also face thorough background investigations and medical examinations.

When a position becomes available, COMM Fire will invite applicants to pick up an application packet at Station 1.  Interviews are then scheduled after review of returned applications.

Please call Administration at 508-790-2375 Ext. 1 with any questions.

How Do I Thank COMM Fire Department?

To let us know about outstanding service by one of our Fire Department members please contact:

Chief Byron Eldridge
COMM Fire Dept.
1875 Route 28
Centerville, MA  02632

Deputy Patrick Hill
COMM Fire Dept.
1875 Route 28
Centerville, MA  02632

Both officers may be reached at 508-790-2375 Ext. 1 also.

How Do I File a Complaint?

Feedback from our citizens is extremely important to COMM Fire and its provision of services.  Any concerns regarding the firefighters, stations or equipment should be directed to Chief Byron Eldridge at 508-790-2375 Ext. 1 or

How Do I Make a Donation?

Donations are gladly accepted.  Please note the following:

Donations to the firefighters (recreational and community service needs):

COMM Firefighters Association, Inc.
Attn:  Florence
1875 Falmouth Rd.
Centerville, MA  02632

Donations to the Fire Department (equipment and training):

COMM Fire Dept.
Attn:  Chief Eldridge
1875 Falmouth Rd.
Centerville, MA  02632