Comstar Notification
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On or about April 25, 2022, Comstar Ambulance Billing Service, who was COMM Fire’s independent ambulance billing company, had a potential security breach of ALL of its patient records. Comstar was the independent ambulance billing company that had the ambulance billing contract for COMM Fire from 2009-2019. Comstar and COMM Fire separated from the business relationship in 2019.

(All information contained with the Comstar data storage system was encrypted which does provide an additional layer of protection.)

The Comstar security breach was in the form of a ransomware attack and not a breach where confidential information was extrapolated and or taken; rather the data storage system as a whole was held hostage by ransom ware.

Upon learning of the potential security breach, Comstar immediately notified COMM Fire of the situation and out of an abundance of caution, and despite the fact that no evidence was found indicating patient records were actually removed; COMM Fire authorized Comstar to notify every patient who could have been potentially impacted.

At this time, it is the advice of COMM Fire to follow all instructions contained within the notification letter received. Please do not hesitate to contact COMM Fire with any questions or concerns regarding this matter.