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Requesting Records

All ambulance transport or billing records requests must include the following:

1.  Patient’s name
2.  Date of incident
3.  Appropriate Authorization (see information below)
4.  A processing fee of $5.00 (make check out to “COMM Fire”)

Send records requests to:
COMM Fire Department
Records Requests
1875 Falmouth Road
Centerville, MA  02632


For Ambulance billing inquiries please contact Comstar.
(800) 488-4351
Comstar, 8 Turcotte Dr., Rowley, MA 01969


Due to HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996) restrictions, it is necessary BY LAW that all records requests, of any type, be accompanied by a completed Authorization to Obtain/Release Confidential Information (“Authorization”.) The Authorization MUST contain certain types of HIPAA-approved language and the appropriate signatures.  Please click on the following link to be directed to an acceptable Authorization form.


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