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Hazardous Waste Information


Cape Cod towns invite you to participate in this year’s hazardous materials collections if you need to dispose of cape-cod-hazardous-wastehazardous products from your small business. Fees for businesses that participate are identical to the cost paid by the towns for disposal. The schedule on the back of this letter lists 2016 collection dates, times, locations, and contact numbers. Call me at the number below for more information. Information about the hazardous products collections is also available on our website: hhtp://

You may participate in collections in your town, or in other towns at cost, if you call at least two weeks in advance of the collection date to discuss the type and quantity of materials you plan to bring. Our contractor cannot accept acutely hazardous materials at household hazardous products collections, so it is important that you notify me in advance. I will send you a bill of lading and the cost for disposing of your materials.

For small business registration information and to make arrangements to participate in the collections, contact:

Kalliope Erin Egloff, Environmental Specialist
Barnstable County Hazardous Materials Program
508-375-6699 weekdays
800-319-2783 voicemail for nights and weekends
774-487-8802 cell

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Town of Barnstable Schedule and Acceptable Items


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