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About Prudential Committee

     The Prudential Committee of the Centerville-Osterville-Marstons Mills Fire District consists of three elected members who are responsible for the general management of District affairs.  The Committee serves as the Chief Executive Officers of the District.

Office of the Prudential Committee
Carlton B. Crocker, Chairman
John A. Lacoste
David V. Lawler

Krystal Abrams  –  Clerk Treasurer

Alexandra Jackson  –  Assistant Clerk Treasurer

1875 Falmouth Road,  Route 28
Centerville, Massachusetts 02632
Phone:  508-790-2375  Ext. 2

      The duties of the Prudential Committee include, but are not limited to, calling elections and District meetings, overseeing fiscal expenditures, approving contracts for goods and services, responsible for labor contractual agreements and are responsible for the general direction and supervision of the Information Systems Department.

      Also, we encourage your active participation in the District elections and meetings, and remind you that the Fire District is one of the only Democratic processes left where you have a direct voice.

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